Resell with Us

Become a Reseller

The Reseller System comprises of two sections; the Members Portal (where your members will have access to the normal sms functionality to send sms, load voucher, buy sms, phonebook, etc) and the Admin Portal where you will have access to manage clients and also update the site.


1) Registration: Users can register on your website and login immediately. Registration cannot be repeated for a registered phone number and username. On registration, they will instantly receive an SMS predetermined by you with their activation code.

2) Buy/Order/Load SMS Units: Your users can make purchase request.

The Order system has an automatic cost calculator.

Users can proceed to make payment via any payment option you configured in the administrative end: either Bank and Interswitch.

Users can also recharge their account by using recharge card PINs. They also have access to transaction/loading history with Transaction date, amount, credit requested, status and date approved, etc. Your Users can transfer SMS credits to other users within your portal.

3) Compose SMS: This is a standard sms composer. Your users can choose a brandable sender ID, send to multiple recipients and it comes with an sms length counter. The composer removes duplicate numbers from the recipient's list.

4) Schedule SMS: Your users can schedule sms into the future. The message will be sent on the exact day and time, whether they are online or not.

5) Balance Enquiry: Your users sms units (credits) will be displayed when they login online. They can also check through your their facebook page. It is also possible to check with their mobile phones without internet connection even if they are using nokia 3310. All they need do, is to send an SMS to your W2S server and instantly they will receive a reply with their SMS balance.

6) History: Your users will have access to their history.

7) Phonebook: Your users will have access to store phone groups and numbers.

8) SMS SERVER: Through W2S Server system, members after registering and funding their account can still use their account without internet access. This is made possible by the extended possibility to integrate with an SMS server.

Users can compose and send bulk sms from their phone (without internet connection), they can check their balance from their phone, transfer sms credits to other user from their phone, etc without internet connection, even if they use a nokia 3310. The SMS component can be configured to work with any SMS server within minutes.